What are you currently using social media for?

I recently connected with William Robbins of http://bbromarketing.com on twitter
and then on facebook and he asked me (via facebook)… What are you
currently using social media for?
To that I replied:
I’m currently working with a client on their smart phone app, facebook app &
.mobi integration with twitter and facebook to deliver a true community based
interaction & feedback loop with the intention of sculpting it’s brand story (or it’s
true DNA roadmap) and connecting that story with the brand’s true soul mates

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You’ve got to have skin in the game to play

In the book, Predictably Irrational By Dan Ariely Have you ever wondered where the saying “You got to have skin in the game to play? It reminds you of the financial crisis where you scratch your head wondering why so many people were willing to walk away from their homes at the slightest smell of foreclosure where upon closer inspection revealed that these individuals obtained their homes with little or no money down (and never even stayed in the property because they wre and on the flip side, homeowners who invested blood, sweat, tears & money into their homes as in the case of the Katrina disaster – were willing stay in their homes to the point of possibly loosing their lives. Well if you’re wondering what makes people so predictably irrational then look no further than the book by the same name, Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely, where he discusses the predictability of the irrational state of mind we all exhibit when given the opportunity


Negativity Trumps Positivity Every Time As A Real Driver Of Discourse

I haven’t read the book “Satisfied customers tell 3 friends, Angry customers tell 3000” yet but it isn’t difficult to draw conclusions as to the truthfulness behind this title along with it’s relationship to brand credibility, which we’ll talk about in a moment, but negativity trumps positivity every time as a real driver of discussion as well as the viral intensity it influences.