Dan Pink on the surprising science of motivation

Dan Pink


According to Dan Pink on the surprising science of motivation, the new operating system for our businesses must revolve around three elements: autonomy, mastery and purpose and I couldn’t agree more, my wife sent me this link about Dan’s TED Talks that I found immensely fascinating and spot on as a commentary on where our society has been and must go in order to achieve ultimate satisfaction and problem solving success in the work place or non workplace as the case may ultimately be and how this change directly correlates to her experiences growing up and where young people were once motivated by responsibility and obligation and are now motivated by more challenging intrinsic rather than extrinsic factors likeĀ  money and cultural obligations and more by motivations with an even greater sense of purpose. Take if you our online contribution to the collective pool of knowledge on such portals as Wikipedia, Intstagram, Pinterest and various other social platforms where the only value exchange is recognition, notoriety and or acceptance into a greater community of like minds with like goals and objectives in most cases than one’s personal objectives or needs. Here in lies the basis for this TED Talk that you don’t want to miss and as an additional thought, Dan Ariely’s book, Predictably Irrational also mentioned in this TED Talk by Dan Pink goes into additional detail on this very subject and is even more detailed regarding the science of human motivation and is available via Amazon and my preference, Audible.com, check it out

Dan Pink on the surprising science of motivation from TED Talks, view the video here





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